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Our advice for door design for a modern interior

A flush wall door.

No matter what you prefer in terms of trends, choosing a door should not be done lightly. It can make the difference between a truly stunning interior and a regular home, or even a poor design choice. Are you looking for modern interior doors? You don’t know what paint to choose for your interior doors?

DÖRR Industries tells you everything you should know about current trends. Discover our solutions and tips and tricks!

Current design trends for your interior doors

Interior door design is much more than a question of trends: it is a true philosophy! While minimalist design requires that we focus on beautifying the essential, maximalists prone the opposite, encouraging eccentricity and opulence.

So, we could say that current trends for modern interior doors are at opposite ends! Do you generally lean towards minimalist or maximalist design?

Two minimalist doors (frameless).

Minimalist doors: the frameless door

If you generally prefer the clean and simple lines offered by minimalist design, then doors without a visible frame or flush wall doors are exactly what you need. For a successful minimalist style, you must remove anything unnecessary, including the frame!

This trend goes hand in hand with Scandinavian design, which has been increasingly popular over the last few years. Uncluttering, simple lines, geometrical shapes and sobriety; these are all aspects of Scandinavian design that take center stage. Monochrome color pallets, black and white or even natural tones are preferred.

For an interior door that is contemporary and minimalist, you should opt for a door from the Integra series by DÖRR Industries. Several colors are available, according to your tastes, including soft wood tones.

Maximalist door: the retractable sliding door

If minimalists think that “less is more”, then maximalists believe just the opposite! The return of Art Deco is proof: playing with shapes and colors is trendy.

So, if you are bolder and are looking for a unique interior, of if you want to take some of your inspiration from maximalist design, you should opt for a retractable sliding door.

With our Pocket Frame series, rooms look even bigger, while also completing your maximalist design. These modern interior doors are customizable according to your taste and will add light to any space!

Restyling a door that has already been installed

Are you looking to modernize your style, but you are not ready to invest money in new doors? We have efficient and affordable ideas for you.

Paint the door or the frame

To change your interior design without having to spend too much, paint is the perfect solution! What color should you paint your interior doors?

If you tend to like minimalist design, you can make your white interior doors shine brighter with a fresh coat of white paint. If you are looking for a stunning color for your interior doors to contrast with your white walls, you can paint them black or grey for a stunning effect that is also very chic.

Person painting a door white, ideal option to restyling an already installed door.

Amongst the current trends for interior door colors, you will also find blue or green tones. They promote a feeling of calm, depending on the selected hue. Are you looking for a bold statement, like with maximalist design? Then opt for red, as they are part of the trends for 2023 for a striking accent in any décor.

You should also take note that DÖRR doors can be delivered in any color of your choosing from our catalog! You can also choose a door without a finish to paint it later on according to your preferences.

In fact, to give the impression of relief or to create a contrast, you can also paint the frame in a color that is different from the door and walls. This effect will easily –and boldly- stand out!

Striping for an “old school” look

Natural colors are part of the current interior door painting trends. For a look that is both natural and a little “old school”, striping a door can also allow you to achieve an old school look without having to spend money on a new door. You can simply strip or sand the door or repaint the door later depending on your whims and fancy.

Close-up of the wooden slats of an Integra door.

Adding wood slats for texture

If you want to create a Japandi style, a modern design that combines Japanese and Scandinavian design, then opting for wooden slats laid horizontally can really add to your look.

You can also have fun and play around with slat angles for a more original modern look. If you want to succeed in doing so, best opt for a door without a frame, which will leave all the necessary space for your creativity to flow!

Accessories for trendy doors

If you love fashion and interior design, then you know that accessories can truly make a difference. The same can be said for doors!

A judicious choice of a door handle can quickly add to the overall look of the door. Copper or silver tones, a black or white handle for a stunning contrast: here are just some current trends that should inspire you! You can also opt for invisible handles to complete your modern interior doors’ minimalist style.

DÖRR Industries offers several high-quality accessories for interior doors for you to complete your design successfully.

With DÖRR Industries, opting for a flush wall Integra door with hidden frame provides you with a minimalist and timeless design. In any case, we will deliver quality customized products that are extremely easy to install. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!