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Push the boundaries of your creativity with the new UNION collection

Discover the new UNION collection : the lastest addition to our cabinet door offer. UNION cabinet doors take many forms and can adapt to all your inspirations!


Cabinet doors

Dörr pushes design even further with the new UNION collection! Mix different shapes for even more possibilities! We offer several models, it’s up to you to create unique designs. Have fun with colors and shapes, the possibilities are endless!

Many possibilities

  • More than 100 models
  • More than 60 colors available
  • Ability to combine shapes
  • Mix of colors and finishes
  • Two choices of handle heights

The Dörr quality

  • Laser edge banding
  • Natural and realistic wood grain
  • Finishes with textures
  • Easy to clean

The Union Collection : a look you where looking for

  • Innovative design
  • A unique product
  • Perfect for modern and contemporary design
  • Available in solid colors or wood finishes

Take the design one step further

  • Design the interior of your cabinet the same color as the back of the door

Available models

P-705-1-D to P-806-11-G
P-705-1-D to P-806-11-G
P-705-2-D to P-806-22-G
P-705-2-D to P-806-22-G
P-705-3-D to P-806-33-G
P-705-3-D to P-806-33-G
P-705-4-D to P-806-44-G
P-705-4-D to P-806-44-G
P-705-5-D to P-806-55-G
P-705-5-D to P-806-55-G
P-705-6-D to P-806-66-G
P-705-6-D to P-806-66-G
P-705-7-D to P-806-77-G
P-705-7-D to P-806-77-G
P-705 / P-706
P-705 / P-706

Colors and finishes selection

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

UNION collection
123 SM Charcoal
168 SM Canadian Grey
300 DO Classic White
555 RI NovaWhite
555 SM NovaWhite
802 SM Willow Grey
888 SM NovaBlack
H52 OB Riva
H54 OB Skye
H56 AU Chill
H57 AU Haze
H58 AU Storm
K07 AU Dew Drop
K13 RO Nizza
K14 RO Mistral
K15 RO Cannes
K16 RO Esterel
K17 RO Cassis
K18 RO Monaco
K23 SE Shanshu
K24 SE Dalia
K25 SE Mimosa
K30 DO Spectra
K31 DO Odeon
K32 DO Equinoxe
K36 SE Soho
K60 NO Chiffon
K61 NO Silk
K62 NO Feather White
K63 NO Pietra
K64 NO Ombre
K65 NO Americana
K67 NO Rumor
K72 OM Data
K82 OM White Smoke
K89 OM Cosmos
K95 OM Atom
K96 OM Tektonik
L01 AU Maria
L02 AU Carleton
L05 OM Natura
L07 OM Taupe
L08 SE Frimas
L09 OM Ioniq
UNION collection
L580 K Free Spirit
L581 K Sheer Beauty
L582 K Fashionista
L583 K First Class
L584 K The Cameleon
L585 K Rhapsody
L586 K Natural Affinity
L587 K Sugar Rush
L588 K Sweet & Savory
L589 K Salt of the Earth
L590 K Love at First Sight
L591 K Acacia Honey
L592 K Kiss Curl
L593 K Mastermind
M2001 Y Tête-à-tête
M2002 Y Sunset Cruise
M2003 Y Weekend Getaway
M2004 Y Winter Fun!
M2005 Y Sunday Brunch
M2006 Y Tea for Two
M2007 Y Casting at First Light
M2010 Y After-hours
M2011 Y Stargazer
M2015 Y Après-Ski
M2031 B Crème de la Crème
M2033 B Simply Gallant
M2034 B Home Sweet Home
M2035 B Black Tie