Professionals – Dörr Industries


At DÖRR Industries, we value strong relationships with our professional customers. We will do everything in our power to facilitate your work.

Whether you are an architect, a designer or a contractor, we can meet your needs. Here are some interesting contexts that underline Integra Series’ added value and showcase our organization’s strengths from which you will benefit.



Contractors: Unrestricted efficiency

You have deadlines and objectives to meet. In order to avoid mistakes, having the right product is not enough; you need the best product on the market. We will provide you with the best interior door system.

The easy installation of the Integra series saves you a lot of time and our solid structural frame meets the highest construction standards. You can finally count on a cutting-edge solution that is well-known on the market and can be applied to all types of projects.


Dealers: Represent the Integra Series

At DÖRR Industries, we have a solid understanding of the dealers’ reality in the design and construction markets. We rely on relationships and the pursuit of shared passions, which is why our business partnerships are based on a win-win approach.

Thanks to our unique “FLUSHWALL” door system, your customers can choose from customizable options and we help you create a custom product.



Architects: Integrate extra ingenuity

By choosing the Integra Series “FLUSHWALL” door system by DÖRR Industries, the architects ensure they have access to all the documentation required in the planning of their project. Moreover, they can work directly with DÖRR Industries representatives and our production team to develop a product that fits the design parameters.

Using the downloadable files provided in this section, your documents will be complete and ready to be sent to the prime contractor.