FENIX - Laminate Material for Cabinet Doors – Dörr Industries


FENIX is an innovative material that dominates the ultra-mat materials market. This signature collection is available as cabinet doors and stratified or laminated panels.

Cabinet Doors

Experience unprecedented colour depth and intensity with our FENIX cabinet doors. Besides offering unique design possibilities, this product has properties that make its maintenance enjoyable and optimize its durability.

A Sensory Experience

  • Silky touch
  • No finger marks
  • Low reflectivity
  • Laser edge banding

A Sought-after Product in Interior Design

  • Natural colours
  • Ultra-mat aspect
  • No visible joints
  • Perfect for a monobloc look

Available Models


Colour selection

FENIX Collection

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

0029 Blanco Male
0030 Blanco Alaska
0032 Blanco Kos
0717 Castoro Ottawa
0718 Grigio Londra
0720 Nero Ingo
0724 Grigio Bromo
0725 Grigio Efeso
0748 Beige Arizona
0750 Verde Comodoro
0751 Rosso Jaipur
0752 Grigio Antrim
0754 Blu Fes
0757 Bianco Dover
2629 Bronzo Doha
2630 Piombo Doha