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Interior Doors and Accessories

You can purchase our ingenious “FLUSH WALL DOOR” frame without any customization options. We can also provide you with a complete product including interior flush door and accessories. In this section you will find the customization options developed in collaboration with our suppliers.


Your “FLUSH WALL DOOR” is manufactured according to your specifications. You can get a rough flush door without a particular finish; however, if you want to customize the interior door, we have a variety of colours  available.


Technical Options

The Integra Series system is initially designed according to a meticulous analysis of the project. Then, we will work together to identify your needs in order to build the perfect “FLUSH WALL DOOR” for you.

  • Solid/hollow core
  • Dimensions
  • Fire resistance
  • Inswing/outswing

More than 75 colours

We have a wide variety of solid and mat colours. With our selection, it is easy to adapt the look of the interior flush door to the design of your project. Moreover, you benefit from DÖRR Industries’ added value in panel finishing.

  • Laser fused edge banding
  • Great textures
  • No finger marks

A Value-added Look

Check out our FENIX, TAFISA and UNIBOARD selections


Proposed Accessories

TECTUS hinge

The best concealed hinge system

MANITAL handle

The unbeatable Italian quality

AGB latch

Quiet and versatile

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