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An Innovative System of Interior Door

The Integra Series has proven its worth on the interior door market thanks to the creativity of DÖRR Industries. The innovative “FLUSH WALL DOOR” system includes an easy-to-install, concealed aluminum frame that gives the look sought by design professionals.

  • Unique
  • Solid
  • Minimalist
  • Easy to install

A Complete Product

Make the most of DÖRR Industries’ outstanding expertise in panel manufacturing to produce interior flush doors with customized finishes and dimensions. Our unique system "FLUSH WALL DOOR" can also be delivered with the finest accessories on the market. You choose your options, we provide the solution.

  • Patented frame (# 10,087,674)
  • Customized flush door
  • Handle and latch
  • Concealed hinge

Custom-Made Interior Doors: Our Flush Wall Door System

Zen. Sophisticated. Minimalist. Contemporary. Create an interior space that reflects your personal taste thanks to our custom-made doors. They adapt perfectly to your interior design and blend in seamlessly thanks to our door design without a visible frame. Discover our custom-made interior door options that integrate our Flush Wall Door system.

The Flush Wall Door System
Our system relies on the Integra frame, an ingenious door system without a (visible) frame. Both reliable and ingenious, our exclusive patented system includes an aluminum frame that is completely hidden from view to create a “flush wall” effect. Our Integra doors are seamlessly integrated into the line of the wall and combine aesthetics with practicality.

Customizable Options

Thanks to our system we can provide you with custom-made doors that will cater to your needs and preferences.

Firstly, you will choose between the 1000 series for a perfect “flush wall” effect on both sides, or the 7000 series for more flexibility depending to the different types of partitions and wall thicknesses.

The Integra door offers lots of flexibility when it comes to dimensions, with heights between 80- to 96- inches and widths from 24- to 48- inches. From standard door sizes to floor/ceiling doors or headless doors that will make the space appear bigger, without forgetting double doors as well; we offer almost unlimited design possibilities. You will also have the opportunity of choosing which way the door opens, for the perfect addition to your design.

No matter your style, we have a complete array of colours and finishes that will allow you to harmonize your doors to your interior design. You can also make the door disappear completely by harmonizing the design with the adjoining walls. Design a custom-made wooden door or choose among our wide selectin of finishes.

Finally, you can complete the look with a selection of customized accessories, from the door handle to the hinges, without forgetting the privacy latch.

Purchasing an Integra Door

Our intuitive and complete platform will allow you to create a custom door in just a few clicks. Begin by identifying yourself, so that you can then choose everything including the frame and door, and then add accessories you love. We can enjoy a fully independent experience and receive a quote online.

Should you prefer connecting with humans, our team is always available to answer your questions. Ask for a quote to find out the prices for your custom-made interior door or find inspiration in our design tips, for your future door.

Easy Installation
No matter if you are a business or homeowner, we have designed our doors to make the installation process easy. Delivered pre-assembled, the Integra door takes around 50 % less time to install than a traditional frame. The light structure makes the installation even easier.

Install your door in 4 easy steps for stress-free results: find out more about the Integra door installation process.

Completed Projects

Our custom-made interior door manufacturing adds a touch of flair to each project thanks to customized solutions. From private homes to businesses, our products add a touch of elegance and practicality to a wide variety of spaces and designs. Take a look at our unique and customized door projects to find more inspiration.

The POCKET Collection
Maximize your space by choosing a pocket door. The POCKET Collection optimizes your environment’s practicality and aesthetics. Find out more about the different types of doors and their advantages.

Purchasing a POCKET Door
Just like the Integra Door, the Pocket collection is fully customizable. Contact-us directly so that we can custom-make the perfect door for you.

Our custom-made sliding interior doors adapt to your environment and to your specifications, offering a 2x4 or 2x6 frame and wooden assembly. Our team is available to you, to guide you at any time during the entire process.

Customizing to your Taste
No matter if you opt for single or double doors, our custom-made doors offer remarkable flexibility. With a width that varies between 24- and 72- inches and up to 118- inches in height, our Pocket doors adapt perfectly to all of your projects.

We offer a wide array of possibilities when it comes to style. No matter if you prefer a door with no finish that is ready to be painted, a wood veneer or a colour of your choosing, you can get the ideal finished product. You will also have the opportunity of choosing your accessories, including an invisible handle option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive your custom-made door?
This can vary; generally, you should plan for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks, to be confirmed by your representative.

What are the warranties offered?
The Integra system is covered by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects or warping.

Can custom-made doors be installed anywhere?
They cannot be used as exterior doors, but they are suitable for any interior space, including storage spaces or rooms, like a custom-made door for your kitchen, for example. You will have to ensure that the dimensions are exact and plan for other necessary adjustments.

What are the doors made of?
Our Integra and Pocket doors are made from wood and are solid doors, thus offering maximum durability.

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