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Customized Interior Doors without A visible Frame

When it comes to interior design, mastery comes from making every detail count. An invisible door combines practicality with a modern design by removing the frame (from our eyes). With DÖRR Industries, we focus our efforts on design so that we can offer products that will surpass your expectations.

Discover the unique and patented Integra frame, a minimalist and streamlined product that fits seamlessly into any decor.

What is the INTEGRA frame?

Are you familiar with the terms “flush wall door”? This modern and inspiring design requires a clever concept that can provide you with a door that is both stylish and practical.

This is where the Integra frame comes into play. It is the element that will allow you to achieve the “flush wall door” you are looking for. Combining reliability and resourcefulness, this system includes an aluminum frame that is completely hidden from view.

This is in fact an exclusive extruded aluminum model that was invented and patented by DÖRR Industries (# 10,087,674), which allows you to install an interior door flush with the wall. Complete all of your projects efficiently and quickly thanks to a frame that is easy to use.

The differences between the INTEGRA frame and other minimalist doors

The Integra frame was designed by DÖRR Industries to provide customers with an ideal solution, as much in terms of design as in terms of practicality and installation.

Since it is completely hidden from view, the streamlined minimalist end result is truly stunning. It is refined and simple, and works perfectly with any decor, without any imperfections and no trace of interior door frames.

The customizable nature of the Integra frame is another one of its strengths, allowing it to stand out from other similar options available on the market. DÖRR Industries custom designs interior doors to adapt them exactly to your preferences and door specs. Moreover, no other interior door manufacturer offers this type of frame with 1-3/4- inch doors.

Each “invisible” door is specially made according to the exact dimensions you need. From standard size doors to headless doors going from floor to ceiling, we offer a wide variety of ways to customize your selection.

We also deliver a completely finished product. We offer the best available accessories on the market and we are sure that you will find a favorite. Not only can you choose the door design you love, you can also have it custom made with accessories you love too.

Once our product reaches your door, it is entirely preassembled and is 50 % easier to install than a traditional door frame. The structure is light and the finishing is easy, making the installation even easier. Take a look at our interior door accessories to end up with a look you’ll love!

This is an ideal product for both individuals and professionals such as architects, designers and contractors. Both versatile and easy to install, our products will make your life easier while also providing you with the design you are looking for.

Solidity and great ergonomics are also two of the Integra frame’s strengths; it is built to last.

The perfect design for…

With a streamlined and simple design, doors with hidden frames are perfect in any modern decor, adding a contemporary touch to your design. Modern and unique, these doors will allow you to create a style that is both modern and timeless.

No matter if you have opted for a minimalist, chic and industrial style with a white or black finish, or wooden trims and accents for a Zen look, our options are perfectly adaptable to your taste. They are also the perfect fit to Scandinavian designs. Our wooden doors will provide you with several color choices; they can also be delivered without a specific finish. Customize your interior door frame for an even more unique product.

Are you looking for a door that literally melts into the decor? Would you like it to enhance the room’s design by adding a touch of color or patterns? DÖRR industries helps you complete your seamless look thanks to our flush wall doors.

Our doors are the perfect design element as much for offices and public places as they are for your home. They are also perfect in any room of your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, without forgetting the bedrooms.

Our door series without visible frames, for the Flush Wall Door effect

To better cater to your needs, we offer two frameless door series. Both come with either an interior or exterior opening, and with a wooden or metal partition.

The 1000 series

Our products from the 1000 series cover both sides of the partition: this means they are affixed to both sides and must be installed with 2x4. This is a solution that is perfect for several designs and gives you a flush door on both sides.

The 7000 series

Do you need a more versatile option? The 7000 series offers a more flexible option, covering one side of the partition. This means that it can be installed on all types of partitions, whether it is a 2x3, 2x4 or 2x6. The flush wall look will only be visible on one side.

1000 Series - Inswing
1000 Series - Inswing
1000 Series - Outswing
1000 Series - Outswing
7000 Series - Inswing
7000 Series - Inswing
7000 Series - Outswing
7000 Series - Outswing

How to get your hands on an INTEGRA door?

Would you like to purchase an Integra frameless door? You can complete all of your shopping online, where you will find customized solutions. After creating a profile, you will be able to customize your own frame and door and select all the accessories you wish to add.

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