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Interior Door Frames

At DÖRR Industries, we like to focus our efforts on design. The Integra Series offers a minimalist product that meets latest trends of flush wall looking. The unique patented Integra frame sets the stage for a sleek look.



The Integra Frame

It creates the “FLUSH WALL DOOR” effect you are looking for. A reliable and creative system that facilitates the interior door installation and allows you to carry out your project much more efficiently.


An innovative “FLUSH WALL DOOR” frame based on an aluminum extrusion model invented and patented by DÖRR Industries (US PATENT #10,087,674).

  • Completely concealed
  • Solid and ergonomic
  • Allows a flush door to be installed on the wall
  • Custom dimensions

Easy to Install

The Integra frame was designed to facilitate the interior door installation process by reducing the number of steps.

  • Pre-assembled
  • 50% faster to install than a traditional frame
  • Light structure
  • Simple finishing

Available Series - Flush wall door effect

The 1000 Series frame covers both sides of the partition while the 7000 Series frame only covers one side for a more flexible use. For both series and all types of openings, DÖRR Industries is the only manufacturer who can use 1-3/4” doors on the "FLUSH WALL DOOR" frames.

1000 Series - Inswing
1000 Series - Inswing
1000 Series - Outswing
1000 Series - Outswing
7000 Series - Inswing
7000 Series - Inswing
7000 Series - Outswing
7000 Series - Outswing

It is more than a frame

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