FUSION (Uniboard, Tafisa, Stevenswood) – Dörr Industries

FUSION (Uniboard, Tafisa, Stevenswood)

The FUSION collection by DÖRR Industries is made of materials from three major suppliers: Uniboard, Tafisa and Stevenswood. This is our product offering the widest variety of colours.

Cabinet doors

With the FUSION collection, you opt for reliability and authenticity. We offer a product of remarkable finishes thanks to the quality of the surfaces. All of our edge bands are laser bonded, which guarantee you a durable result. FUSION cabinet doors come in many shapes and can therefore be adapted to any inspiration.

Multiple possibilities

  • Over 80 door models
  • Over 70 colours
  • Insertion handle options
  • Available with or without groove
  • Glass doors available

The Dörr Industries quality

  • Bonded laser edge banding
  • Shock resistant
  • Natural and realistic wood grain
  • Sought-after textures
  • Easy to clean

Serie Elevation : A WANTED LOOK

  • Innovative look
  • 45º frame construction
  • Perfect for modern and contemporary look

Available models

Serie 1
Serie 1
Serie 2
Serie 2
Serie Euro +Insertion options
Serie Euro +Insertion options
Serie Element +Insertion options
Serie Element +Insertion options

Colour selection

Fusion collection

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

123 SM Charcoal
168 SM Canadian Grey
300 D Classic White
555 RI NovaWhite
555 SM NovaWhite
802 SM Willow Grey
888 SM NovaBlack
H50 OB Silva
H51 OB Zahara
H52 OB Riva
H54 OB Skye
H55 OB Mystic
H56 AU Chill
H57 AU Haze
H58 AU Storm
H60 D Classic Spice
H65 RI Canyon
H70 OB Driftwood
H71 OB Luxe
K13 RO Nizza
K14 RO Mistral
K15 RO Cannes
K16 RO Esterel
K17 RO Cassis
K18 RO Monaco
K23 SE Shanshu
K24 SE Dalia
K25 SE Mimosa
K30 D Spectra
K31 D Odeon
K32 D Equinoxe
K36 SE Soho
K39 SE Nebula
K60 NO Chiffon
K61 NO Silk
K62 NO Feather White
K63 NO Pietra
K64 NO Ombre
K65 NO Americana
Fusion collection

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

L535 Southwester
L536 Chinook
L538 River Rock
L545 Northern Plain
L555 Maritime Dune
L556 Laurentian Path
L560 Rue de la Forge
L580 K Free Spirit
L581 K Sheer Beauty
L582 K FashionistaF
L583 K First Class
L584 K The Cameleon
L585 K Rhapsody
M2001Y Tête-à-Tête
M2002Y Sunset Cruise
M2003Y Weekend Getaway
M2004Y Winter Fun!
M2005Y Sunday Brunch
M2006Y Tea for Two
M2007Y Casting at First Light
M2010Y After-Hours
M2011Y Stargazer
Fusion collection

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

043 Pearl White
596 Morning Fog
G91 Carmelo Mist
L04 Ontano
L05 Alno
L10 Formosa
L14 Lara
L16 Parisienne
L29 Natural Marone
L30 Evening Note
L31 White Nebbia
L34 Jasper
L35 Kirsche

Insertion options

This is the colour selection for the insertion handles of the EURO and ELEMENT models.

Fusion collection

(Insertion options)

0029 Blanco Male
0030 Blanco Alaska
0032 Blanco Kos
0717 Castoro Ottawa
0718 Grigio Londra
0719 Beige Luxor
0720 Nero Ingo
0724 Grigio Bromo
0725 Grigio Efeso
0748 Beige Arizona
0749 Cacao Orinoco
0750 Verde Comodoro
0751 Rosso Jaipur
0752 Grigio Antrim
0754 Blu Fes
0757 Bianco Dover
2628 Zinco Doha
2629 Bronzo Doha
2630 Piombo Doha
2638 Doha Titanio
5000 Acciaio Hamilton
5001 Argento Dukat
5003 Oro Cortez
Fusion collection

(Insertion options)

601 White
613 Arctic grey
625 Fumé
661 Fog
663 Magnolia
6002 New black
706 Black
713 Arctic grey
725 Fumé
729 New grey
732 Mink
734 White
735 Relax green
736 Ocean blue
738 Clay
761 Fog
763 Magnolia
771 Blue notte
8015 Soft white
8018 Black
8021 Anthracite
8112 Pur white