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The PERFECTSENSE cabinet door collection by DÖRR Industries is made of materials from our partner Egger. This high-end collection has more than 60 door models available in more than 20 unique colours.

Cabinet Doors

The PERFECTENSE collection is characterized by the use of inert UV technology to treat surfaces. This process results in solid cabinet doors that offer state-of-the-art design options through original colours.

The Inert UV Technology

  • Surface curing
  • Enhances protection
  • Offers a unique lacquer finish

A Great Durability

  • Scratch and heat resistance
  • No finger marks
  • Maximum strength
  • Easy maintenance

Series of Models Available

Series 1
Series 1
Series 2
Series 2
Series Euro +Insertion options
Series Euro +Insertion options
Series Element +Insertion options
Series Element +Insertion options

Colour and finish selection

PERFECTSENSE Collection - Gloss

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

W1100 PG
W1000 PG
U732 PG
U961 PG
U999 PG
PERFECTSENSE Collection - Matt

We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

W1100 PM
W1000 PM
U599 PM
U702 PM
U708 PM
U727 PM
U732 PM
U961 PM
H3157 PM
H3711 PM
F627 PM
F206 PM
F812 PM

Insertion options

This is the colour selection for the insertion handles of the EURO and ELEMENT models.


Insertion options

0029 Blanco Male
0030 Blanco Alaska
0032 Blanco Kos
0717 Castoro Ottawa
0718 Grigio Londra
0719 Beige Luxor
0720 Nero Ingo
0724 Grigio Bromo
0725 Grigio Efeso
0748 Beige Arizona
0749 Cacao Orinoco
0750 Verde Comodoro
0751 Rosso Jaipur
0752 Grigio Antrim
0754 Blu Fes
0757 Bianco Dover
2628 Zinco Doha
2629 Bronzo Doha
2630 Piombo Doha
2638 Doha Titanio

Insertion options

601 White
613 Arctic grey
625 Fumé
661 Fog
663 Magnolia
6002 New black
706 Black
713 Arctic grey
725 Fumé
729 New grey
732 Mink
734 White
735 Relax green
736 Ocean blue
738 Clay
761 Fog
763 Magnolia
771 Blue notte
8015 Soft white
8018 Black
8021 Anthracite
8112 Pur white