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2023 trendy kitchen design ideas: the minimalist kitchen, both in terms of design and architecture

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For a trendy 2023 kitchen design, minimalism is still just as popular; and this trend is here to stay! Both contemporary and elegant, this style invites you to unclutter your decor. DÖRR Industries gives you some tools to allow you to achieve the minimalist kitchen design.

Colors and materials for a minimalist kitchen

In a minimalist kitchen, sobriety is key. A white modern kitchen is timeless; but you can also play with natural tones like green and blue. Black also goes very well with white, helping you obtain an elegant look.

A return to nature is a big part of a minimalist design. Opt for materials like wood, or wood imitation. Stone, marble and quartz are also great options.

A kitchen including windows optimizing natural light.

Optimize natural lighting

For a trendy 2023 kitchen, light is key! Large windows or bay windows along with light and airy window dressings will allow you to optimize natural light. Moreover, smooth and shiny surfaces combined with white paint or cabinets will allow light to be reflected and permeate the space.

Minimalist cabinets and storage

Colors and materials are a good start, but what about storage spaces? They are just as important in order for you to achieve your minimalist kitchen design successfully.

A Eucalyptus kitchen lit by natural light.

An invisible pantry

If you have a walk-in pantry or a very large one, it is the perfect time to think about how to integrate it into your design… by making it disappear! Minimalism invites you to unclutter your space as much as you possibly can: with a hidden door and invisible frame, combined with a uniform finish, your pantry can blend right into the rest of the decor.

DÖRR Industries offers customizable solutions for modern kitchen doors that are perfectly adapted to your contemporary kitchen.

Cabinets without handles

After the pantry, the cabinet handles also disappear. A very popular trend in minimalist kitchens, cabinets without handles unclutter the décor significantly. They also provide you with a smooth and uniform finish and are actually very practical for your daily use.

For customized cabinet doors, DÖRR Industries specialists are here for you.

A Fenix kitchen including cabinet doors without handles.


Sometimes, cabinets seem to take up a lot of space. Would you like to unclutter your decor and add a trendy touch? Shelves are a great way to modernise your kitchen!

With well laid out accessories, shelves can give your kitchen the touch of elegance you were looking for, without forgetting how functional they are. They will allow you to remove some heavier pieces of furniture and allow you to access your items more easily.

Minimalist kitchen furniture and accessories

How can you choose your furniture and accessories for a minimalist kitchen? Here are our tips and tricks:

Smiling woman on her laptop in a modern kitchen.

Choosing the right light fixture

Avoid heavier lamps and opt for a design that is both simple and refined. Another smart option consists of integrating the lighting into your storage spaces. You can also choose suspended light fixtures or wall sconces. The most important thing is to avoid anything heavy.

Thin countertops and island

To lighten the design, you should also think of lightening the kitchen surfaces! Current trends are inspired by European design. Opt for thin countertops and a thin island, of around half an inch in thickness, and preferably made from natural materials like wood or stone. The more subtle the countertops, the bigger and more uncluttered your room will look!

Matching Tableware

Whether you opt for classics like white tableware or other trendy colors like gray or warm tones, think of matching colors! Matching uniform tableware will perfectly enhance your minimalist design.

Practical furniture

In a trendy 2023 kitchen, functionality is key. Multifunctional furniture is practical and allows you to free up a large amount of space in your kitchen. Your countertop can be both a work surface and a storage space with integrated cabinets. Think of having integrated cabinets in the island too, for example.

Creating a minimalist kitchen – what you can do right away

If you are not ready for major changes, you can still make a few efficient adjustments that will help you create a more minimalist look.

A minimalist kitchen.

Sort through your personal belongings

This might require a bit of psychological preparation, given that no one likes to get rid of their things! The first thing to do is to ask yourself if you really need it. Are there useless accessories in your home? Some stuff you never use? It is the perfect time to sort through it and get rid of anything that is obsolete.

Gather your belongings by category and only keep what matters most, by eliminating everything you have in duplicate and everything you don’t use.

Add storage spaces

The more storage space you have, the less clutter in your room, and the more your minimalist design will be successful. If clutter is a problem in your kitchen, you should think of added storage spaces like extra cabinets or shelves.

Think of what would make your kitchen easier to use on a daily basis; this will help you optimize it.

Your kitchen is a room where several different daily tasks are completed. This means it should be practical and offer loads of free space for you to enjoy it every day.

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