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Rauvisio Brilliant

The RAUVISIO BRILLIANT cabinet door collection by DÖRR Industries is made of materials from our partner Rehau. These glossy panels are top-of-the-line products covered with a layer of acrylic. Note that this product is also available in full panel and laminated.

Cabinet Doors

This is a high-end collection that lives up to the most vibrant design ideas. To dive into modernity and experience optimal reflectivity, you must choose RAUVISIO BRILLIANT cabinet doors.

A Remarkable Quality

  • Invisible joint
  • Mirror effect
  • Vibrant colours
  • Glossy on both sides

A Great Durability

  • Increased UV resistance
  • Easy to maintain
  • 0.08 mm acrylic surfaces

Available Model


Colour selection


We recommend ordering a sample for an accurate perception.

5000B Bianco
5026B Meringa
5112B Moro
5335B MAgnolia
5338B Cubanite
5641B Vino
5642B Prugna
6339B Giabanno
6340B Bigio
1678L Rame
1917L Cappucino
1919L Cemento